Friday, 8 April 2016

Pillar to Post

Social folklore has it that people tend to have three careers during a working lifetime.  I've been variously a professional Singer, Teacher and Chef, with a few other oddments on the side - I ran an IT company for a while and have a few books published,  but generally I fit the profile.

Three months ago I took the decision to leave professional catering and return to teaching. There were a few reasons, financially it made sense, and also I needed to restore a more reasonable work-life balance: simply put I no longer have to book leave to get a weekend or bank-holiday off.

I am still just as passionate about the food that I cook at home; the provenance and seasonality of it - I've become a member of the Slow Food network, which seeks to preserve heritage foods around the world, and I have become more interested in baking thanks to my last catering job, and shall invest at some point in a stand mixer and fill the freezer with sponges and tray bakes.

I should like to go even further back and do a bit of singing again too but for the moment I am getting used to being in the classroom again - education has undergone some changes since I was last in front of a class, and some of the concepts being taught are delivered at a much earlier stage than when I was at school.

But I shall keep this blog going I think, as always with thoughts, random jottings and recipes.

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