Thursday, 11 June 2015

When Departments Collide

Earlier in the week I spent a morning helping in the walled garden at work, so today, on my day off I've made some flower cakes as a tribute to a catering gardening fusion. 

Easy to make, they're sure to go down well on a sunny afternoon for tea, maybe washed down with a glass or three of something sparkling. 

I used shop bought puff pastry, feel free to make your own though ;-)

Core and slice eating apples, you need 1/2 an apple per cake, then poach them for 5 minutes in orange juice, sugar and vanilla. 

Take them out of the orange juice when they are soft but not mushy and allow to cool on some kitchen roll. 

Cut a strip of puff pastry about one inch wide and brush it with melted butter and sprinkle it with cinnamon. Lay the slices of apple along the top half of the pastry strip so that they overlap, then fold the bottom of the pastry up over the apple 

Carefully roll the strip up and place it into a muffin tin. Cook at 200 degrees for around 25 minutes.

Allow to cool and sprinkle with icing sugar. 

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