Saturday, 6 June 2015

Me and my shadow...

Next week at work we have a 'job swap' week where members of each department: catering, retail, gardening etc will spend a day or a few days shadowing the work of others. I shall be putting in a day's graft in the gardens to get a clearer insight into the provenance of the produce which I try to use in the menus. 

I've always liked the idea of growing my own food, the concept of an allotment type plot where I could harvest vegetables and fruits is very attractive, even to the extent of having a kitchen/eatery on the site where you'd have the ultimate plot to plate. I'm afraid that that's as far as it has ever got though-liking the idea. 

But you never know, a day in a formal veg garden tending cardoons, or planting potatoes in a 2 acre walled garden can only be instructive and can't be physically any harder than a day in catering. Funny thing is though, that when we came to opt for which department we wanted to shadow no-one put their name down to work in the kitchen or front of house 

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