Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Today we set off to go to our local park - we're quite lucky in that where we live, although there are a lot of houses, there is a story that when the developers started to build, they had to agree to leave a large percentage of the land as greenbelt - so there are miles of paths, and meadows and open spaces where you could easily forget that you're minutes away from a busy town and the M5.

Unfortunately, it being half-term, millions of other people had had the same idea, there were queues into the carpark, queues around the carpark, and had we got that far, probably queues in the playgrounds and queues in the café too.

So we turned back, and remembering a glimpse of a playground through the trees earlier in the year, parked, walked 100 yards and stumbled upon a fantastic series of meadows and trails, with probably hundreds of varieties of wild flowers.  All of it managed by the council.  Well Done :-)

Later in the year there will be sloes, damsons and plums, and eventually a new orchard where a number of new apple trees have been planted

There will be brambles and haws ripe for making into jelly and jam.

and for the foraging chef, young pea shoots, lovage, sorrel and dandelions for salads

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